What it Means to be Detained by The Regime



Although arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance are common features of all repressive regimes, detention in Syria is worse than it is in other countries. This article takes a closer look at the meaning of the term ‘detainee’ in Syria.


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Assad Regime and Detention Cases



The policy of arresting people was one of the oppressive policies used by the ruling dictatorial regime in Syria. The Baathist regime adopted detaining people as a methodology to reach power.



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Who We Are

We are a Syrian team speaking for the victims of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance and their suffering in Syria. We use advocacy tools to help save those who are still alive in the prisons and detention centers of the Syrian regime before the Assad killing machine exterminates them through starvation, torture, disease or medical negligence.

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Event: Alive in Graves: A film screening and discussion on Syria’s detainees

Thursday, 15 February              12:00 – 1:15 pm

Middle East Institute

1319 18th Street NW                          Washington, DC 20036

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Detainees’ letters

Deaths among detainees till now

Deaths among detainees 2016

Detained till now

Statistics of detainees

The authorities arbitrarily arrested and detained thousands, subjecting many to enforced disappearance, prolonged detention, and unfair trials, and continued to systematically torture and otherwise ill-treat detainees causing deaths in detention

  • Syrian Government 90%
  • Other than the Syrian government 10%
  • Women 11%
  • Kids 16%
  • Men 73%


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